20 Major Reasons Why Education Is Important

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Education can be defined as the dissemination of information and instructions, especially in schools and colleges.

There are many reasons why education is important. Below we have enumerated the importance of education for students.

Top 20 Reasons Why Education Is Important

1. Keeps Children and Youth Occupied

Education is usually imparted in institutions like schools and colleges. When students come to school and college to learn, they are physically present in these institutions.

They are distracted from any other vices that they may be attracted to, if not for their presence in schools and colleges.

2. Creates and Spreads Awareness

Education is a tool to disseminate information. Through education, students are more self-aware. Students are given a lot of exposure to learning opportunities through schools and colleges.

Attending schools allows students to absorb information that they may not have known had they not been to a school and college.

Therefore, it can be rightly said that education creates awareness of information. These students, in turn, will be able to spread this information to others like parents, friends, and peers.

3. Education Enhances Productivity

Increased Productivity

Productivity can be defined as the state of being made to use. It can be measured at the rate of effectiveness of the effort.

One of the most important reasons why education is important is because it increases the productivity of students. Through education, students obtain degrees and academic qualifications that allow them to get suitable jobs.

Student’s talents and skills are put to productive use leading to higher standards of living and economic growth of the country.

4. Improves Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is the means to evaluate a problem and arrive at a possible and most appropriate solution. Critical thinking skills are important in order to be able to form judgments and arrive at conclusions.

Education trains students to develop critical thinking skills. Today, education is not just bookish learning. The education system has gone through revolutionary processes to include project-based learning and experiential tools to allow students to think independently.

Project-based learning which involves hands-on tools can enhance the critical thinking skills of students because of the active participation of students in the process. It can be rightly said that education is the key to developing critical thinking skills.

5. Introduces Discipline

Attending school or college sets a routine or a daily habit. For example, getting up in the morning, getting ready for school, wearing a uniform, etc all form a part of a routine.

Without education you may not need to get up at a particular time, do not need to wear a uniform, or go to school. There will be no routine in your life. Education introduces discipline right from your home.

Also, while in school, students are expected to behave in a particular manner. This manner is regarded as a discipline. Behaving in any other manner contrary to what is prescribed by the school authorities may be considered as an indiscipline which may be reprimanded.

Students are taught discipline and manners while in school. This discipline and manners continue throughout the life of the student, thereby making education play an important part in a civilised society.

6. Education Promotes Equality

India is a land of diverse castes, creeds, and religions. However, education is one such factor that eliminates the differences between students.

Education does not differentiate between people. All students in the class are taught the same lesson irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. This gives a sense of unity amongst the students in a classroom.

Students in a classroom are not made to feel inferior or superior because of their caste or creed. Education binds all students together.

7. Eliminates Poverty

One of the benefits of education is that educated people can easily find jobs. Jobs lead to decent earnings which can feed families and eliminate poverty.

An article published in Research Gate has made a correlation between education and poverty. The article states we can consider education as a reducing risk element of high poverty, which may prevent the occurrence of another generation, much poorer. Education can lift individuals out of poverty and into rewarding careers.

8. Education Can Lead to Higher Income

Man relaxing while receiving money transfer from computer into wallet

Another reason why education is important is that it leads to higher incomes. Students who have completed a specialized course are more likely to earn more than a person who has not.

Let’s take a casual example of a graduate in computer science and engineering and a graduate in computer science and engineering along with a post-graduation MSc in computer science.

It is more likely that the graduate in computer science and engineering along with an MSc in Science will earn more than the undergraduate. Therefore, the higher the education, the more likely you are to earn a higher income.

9. Growth of Economy

Many ask why education is important in our life? The reason is that education leads to economic stability and growth in the country.

As discussed above, education eliminates poverty by creating a larger working force. When there is a larger working force in the country, there is economic progress.

The economic progress of a country can be defined as an ideal situation where there is a quality of life for the citizens of that country. It is a situation where the capital goods in a country exceed the increase in population.

Without education, people will not be able to find appropriate jobs and the wheels of the economy will come to a standstill.

10. Higher Chance of Employment

With education, students have a higher chance of employment. Each level of education brings you closer to a better job. Whether it is the level of the job or the slab of salary, education increases your chance.

 11. Healthy Lifestyle

Another great benefit of education is that educated youth tend to lead healthier lifestyles because of the level of awareness that education creates.

An educated person is more likely to know the ill effects of eating unhealthy food than a person who is not educated.

Education does not only impart bookish knowledge but also makes students aware of other aspects of life like health, friendship, love, and respect.

12. Socializing

Education is important in our life because man is a social animal and education is one of the ways through which people can socialize.

Students meet and greet friends and teachers in schools and colleges. The very act of meeting friends in your school is an act of socializing, which is an important part of life and growing up.

Apart from meeting friends in school, many projects and assignments are assigned as group work in educational institutions. This allows students to interact with each other in the process of education.

13. Skill Development

Apart from improving your subject knowledge, education hones many skills. For example, communication skills and problem-solving skills are just some of the skills that you can develop while you get yourself an education.

14. Advancements in Career

career growth

While you pursue your career, it is also possible to learn new concepts and seek appraisals or advancements in your career. Education allows you to seek higher ground when it comes to applying for jobs.

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15. Eliminates Child Marriage

One of the worst concepts that exist in our society is child marriage. Child marriage is the marriage of a child under the prescribed age limit. Education in society has eliminated the concept of child marriage to a great extent.

Educated youth now realize the ill effects of child marriage and are slowly eliminating it from the roots of society.

16. Reduces Maternal Death Rate

Closely related with child marriage is very young mothers giving birth to babies. This leads to a maternal mortality rate and a high infant mortality rate.

Child marriages lead to early pregnancies in young girls. These girls are incapable of bearing a child at such a young age.

It leads to early death among these girls. Education can eliminate child marriages and in turn, save young girls from very early pregnancies.

In this regard, the Government of India has taken several steps to save the girl child from marriages and early pregnancies.

The scheme strives to encourage education among girl children in India. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is one such movement.

17. Women Empowerment

Female Empowerment

Another reason why education is important is that it empowers women. Women are now coming to the forefront and seeking jobs away from their homes.

Women are now contributing to the income of the family and thereby improving the standard of living of the household.

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18. Preservation of The Society

As mentioned above, through education students not only gain academic knowledge but also gain civic sense. Subjects and concepts such as social studies, science, etc make students aware of their civic duties and inform students of the adverse consequences of not abiding by the social norms.

Education preserves society and turns the wheels of life for generations to come. A good education is a foundation for a better future.

19. Reduces Crime

Educated youth find jobs and earn a living. It eliminates the urge or needs to steal and cheat to make quick money. One of the benefits of education is that it deters the act of crime.

A crime is usually committed because of the lack of resources or the need for essentials like food, clothing, and shelter.

Educated youth can satisfy these needs by securing jobs and earning. Therefore, the need to resort to crime to procure these needs is reduced to a great extent. This is why education is important.

20. Education Allows You to Pursue Your Dreams

Another great benefit of education is that it allows you to pursue your dreams. If you have a dream of becoming a doctor, only education can get you there.

If you dream of owning a big house someday, only education can get you a job and an opportunity to earn your dream house. Therefore, education is the root of all dreams.


Education creates a modern society. Through education, people are able to think openly. Backward or obsolete methods of running society are now replaced with more forward-thinking and fore planning due to education. Ensuring high-quality education must be the goal of every society.

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