9 Signs that Your Teen Is Addicted to Technology

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Although the advancements in technology is a boon to society, it also comes with an equal or maybe more number of banes. Technology addiction in youth is the most rampant problem in society today.

You can observe a college bus stand or a waiting room outside an office. Notice how everyone’s head is bowed down.

No, they are not doing it out of respect for you. On the contrary, they ignore you because of the devices in their hands.

These devices may be mobile phones, tabs, or laptops. Whatever the device, the addiction is the same. We see mobile phones more rampant than other devices because of their handy nature.

So, what is so addictive about these devices? Well, for one, the latest devices are more than just a phone. Mobile phones now perform more than calling functions.

You can now use mobile phones to perform various functions and tasks for you. You can set reminders, make calculations and even type an entire novel through your mobile.

The latest gadgets are smartphones that have touch screens and perform functions of a computer. Such is the advancement in technology.

What’s even more addictive is the internet. The Internet can be defined as a large system of interconnected computers around the world that allows people to share information and communicate with each other.

Internet addiction among students is a serious problem faced today. Freely available internet facilities in malls, offices, homes, and even public spaces have fuelled the technology addiction in students.

What Are Some of The Causes that Have Led to This Technology Addiction in Youth?

While there is no particular reason that has led to technology addiction in students, some of the causes of addiction to technology can be summarized below.

1. Trendy Devices

Trendy devices and hi-fi gadgets are attractive to the youth. They tend to feel that having one of these gadgets will automatically get them into the “cool” club.

Apart from their modish appearances, these devices can perform several functions that make it a fashion statement to carry the device

2. Communication

Communication is the single highest cause of addiction to technology. With the internet and the latest gadgets, students can communicate with each other every second on the go.

A message in the inbox will ping on the screen and it becomes tempting for students to know what their friends have written. A single reply to a friend’s message can lead to another and then another, showing no end in the conversation.

3. Attention Seekers

attention please

Another reason for internet addiction among students is that the internet is a space where you can get a lot of attention.

You can seek attention from friends and even unknown people from all over the world. Youth and students tend to post their personal activities and pictures on the internet, wanting people to praise them.

4. Immediate Satisfaction

One of the advantages of the internet is that feedback is instantaneous, unlike the olden times when we had to wait for the postman to arrive to deliver our mail.

Therefore, another reason for internet addiction in students is that feedback, praise, and reciprocal communication are immediate. You can receive immediate gratification in a moment.

5. Social Media

Social media is a prominent reason why students are addicted to the internet. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are more than just means of communication.

These platforms provide more gratification because you can send visuals and audio along with texts. You can send across emotions with the use of emojis one the apps.

Trending social media platforms cash on internet addiction amongst the youth and introduce more and more features with the app that become trending.

Sign that You or Your Teen Is Addicted to Technology

If you are a student or have a teenager or student at home, watch out for these typical signs of internet addiction among students.

1. Isolation

If you feel that you enjoy being alone with your device rather than being in the company of your friends, it’s time to give up the device. This is one of the earliest signs of technology addiction in youth.

2. Gaming Obsession

gaming addiction

If you think about your online game or social media profiles even when you are not online, it’s a sign that you might be addicted.

3. Fall in Academics

Another sign of internet addiction in students is a fall in grades or academic performance in school or college.

Though there could be several reasons for this fall in marks, one of the most common reasons for the fall in academics is spending too much time on the internet.

4. Go to Solace

When you have a bad day at work or in school and your only solace is turning to your gadget for emotional support, then you might just be a technology-addicted youth.

Whereas, the perfect call is to be around friends and family or talk to an elder or a professional for emotional support.

5. Sneaking in Device Time

If your parents or guardians have given you a specific time to play on your gadget, but you still try to sneakily use the gadget, then you are addicted.

6. Blocking the Outside World

If you are on your device and fail to hear or realize what’s happening around you, you are definitely suffering from internet addiction.

You might be so engrossed in your game or device that you fail to realize the events that are taking place in your peripheral vision.

Many students become unaware of their surroundings because of their addictions to apps and games. There are many instances of students falling into death traps because of their obsession with selfies and social media posts.

7. Ignoring Personal Hygiene

A common sign of internet addiction among students is keeping an unkempt physical appearance with bad personal hygiene habits. Their involvement with gadgets and devices may be so much that they ignore good habits.

8. Anxiety Attacks when The Internet Is Not Available

woman scared while working on computer

There are many instances when students get worried or anxious when their mobile internet stops working or they have no access to internet facilities. This anxiousness is a growing sign of technology addiction in students.

9. Hampers Productive Output

Internet addiction among students is one of the main causes of low productive output. According to a research article published in the International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health, Gadget Addiction’ is a more critical area of concern in the present era and is a threat to the social infrastructure in the future.

It further claimed that a high level of dependency was present with gadget addiction. Health action must be taken in the form of counseling about the pros and cons in the early phase and can prevent future complications.

Depression and Smartphone Addiction

Research conducted and results published in the National Library of Medicine, National Centre for Biotechnology Information, made the following observations: Prevalence rates of smartphone-related compulsive behavior, functional impairment, tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms were substantial. 35.9% felt tired during the daytime due to late-night smartphone use, 38.1% acknowledged decreased sleep quality, and 35.8% slept less than four hours due to smartphone use more than once.

The research concluded that Several independent positive predictors of smartphone addiction emerged including depression and anxiety.

It could be that young adults with personality type A experiencing high-stress levels and low moods may lack positive stress coping mechanisms and mood management techniques and are thus highly susceptible to smartphone addiction.


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