Benefits of Group Study

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In a globalized world, education has gone from acquiring knowledge to competing with everybody. We are presently living in a competitive world and this has infected our schools as well.

We can observe that in schools, students compete for the highest marks and in college, everyone’s competing to join their course of choice. Amidst the confusion, the benefits of group study sessions have been forgotten.

While we are busy in our solitary race to reach first, we have set aside the fact that working together makes it easier. We are galloping like the horse but not cooperating with each other like our ancestors, the apes.

It is worth noting that cooperation among groups divides labour and gives greater success. It creates a collective goal, and a good atmosphere, and improves learning efficiency.

Besides, a sense of commitment and interpersonal skills are also developed in an effective study group.

Importance of Group Study

Most people do not know the importance of group study. Many assume that group study will surely lead to chit-chat instead of learning.

This misconception is true in the case of an ineffective study group, where studying becomes an excuse to kill time.

However, in an effective group study, the learning efficiency of the participants will far exceed in comparison to self-study.

The benefits of group study are many and an effective study group also instills discipline and the concept of teamwork and cooperation. To better understand the importance of group study, here are 7 advantages of group study.

1. Understand Subjects Better

Reading, learning, and studying a subject can lead to a better understanding of the subject. However, by learning as a group, students will get motivated and feel empowered to do better.

Besides, group study can lead to the creation and explanation of doubts that can provide new perspectives on the topic in the study. This will also lead to a greater understanding of the subject.

2. Score Better Marks

A+ grade

Students when left on their own are unlikely to complete their assignments, homework, and study or finish projects.

However, by becoming part of a group, they can influence and help each other to study, do homework and finish projects.

Consequently, this increases the potential for better marks. Also, by working as a group, students will feel motivated and better understand what they are studying.

3. Develop a Broader Insight

Some group study members can identify the important points of a chapter and all can read, understand and summarize it.

Also, different students have different perspectives. Some students may uncover theories that others may not have come across. This will help in developing a broader insight into the subject.

It may be noted that the students may have a lot to read through during the semester. This might compel them to only read on the surface.

But this means they are likely to forget it soon. But in the case of a group study, the burden gets distributed among the students making it easier to study and retain more information for a longer period of time.

4. Inculcates Personal Responsibility

Every student in a study group can put forth their thoughts and ideas about the subject. Some can also make a presentation on the topic which will be beneficial for all involved. The one who is presenting will have already learnt the topic and the presentation will do the same for the rest.

Students with a rebellious attitude may have a natural conflict with authority. But if they were to join a study group, they most likely would find it easier to learn as everyone therein are equals. Their participation can develop personal responsibility in them while getting educated simultaneously.

5. Experience Teamwork

Group study is a group activity. It flourishes through teamwork. It will teach students how to work as one by cooperating with each other.

It can develop focus and patience in them. Yes, students who work better alone may find it tedious, but they must realize that in the future, their career is most likely going to be collaborative.

The group study will also come in handy during employment. A potential employer will appreciate the fact that the candidate has experience as a team player. It shows that the talent has patience and can work under pressure for the collective good.

6. Improve Problem-Solving

Initially, a group study will look like a really bad idea. The way I, he or she study is different. This can lead to conflicts, arguments, distractions, or disagreements.

However, if all agreed to disagree and adapted to each other’s study styles, it will also improve problem-solving skills.

So if and when there are conflicting perspectives or practices, it can be debated over and the best option may be selected for everyone’s convenience. To achieve this harmony patience, sacrifice, and problem-solving skills are needed.

Initially tough but soon it becomes a normal way of life. Besides, the conflict can become a healthy debate and the proposers get a chance to either defend their views or find an amicable solution. It becomes an exercise that develops character.

8. Motivation for Self and Others

Studying on your own but not learning anything? Join a group study and find the moral support and help you need.

Being in a group study, students can become each other’s motivation and inspiration. Also, this activity can create strong bonds and friendships.

Benefits of Group Study

Group study means a small group of students studying together by helping each other. There are several advantages of group study.

The activity not only increases learning efficiency but also helps in personality development. Here are 5 benefits of group study.

1. Removes Procrastination

Well, ideally a student would love to study at the last moment. But it’s both hectic, ill-advised, and inefficient. However, by being in a group study session, procrastination can be eliminated.

Since you’ve become a part of the group, commitment is expected of you. You will have to attend the session at the time that has been set and you are accountable to the group members.

2. Learn Faster

In contrast to studying alone, students studying in a group study environment generally learn faster. If you have a doubt, it gets cleared immediately in a group study session.

For someone who is shy to raise a doubt in the class or face a teacher, group study is a boon. Besides, quick resolution to confusion will conserve time and also simplify complex concepts.

3. Make Better Notes

people taking notes

During a group study session, students can compare their notes with each other and fill in whatever they have missed or corrected any errors. You can seek help or provide help in this environment.

4. Learn New Study Skills

Study methods vary with different students. But by becoming part of a study group, you get the opportunity to see new study methods and check which suits you best. You might end up with an entirely new study method or simply tweak that which you already follow.

5. Improve People Skills

A group study session is a group activity. It requires team players. Thus one will eventually develop communication and people skills. This development of soft skills will go a long way during one’s career.

How to Form an Effective Study Group?

  • Limit the group to 5 members
  • Compulsory weekly meetings
  • The Group leader determines location, time, and tasks. The leader will also inform the same to all members
  • The leader ensures the group sticks to the task during the group study session and completes it
  • Make a review of the difficult questions or theories and assist each other.
  • Feel free to have fun, it’s not a classroom.
  • Aside from the group, spend time together to build bonds.


Group study sessions have several benefits. It makes learning easy and also helps in character development.

If you are seeking ways to study efficiently, then you need to look into the method of group study and this article explains the importance of group study.


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