How one can Write a Character Bio

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A personality bio, typically known as a personality profile, is details about your characters that can instantly or not directly inform the story you’re writing.

A personality bio may be pages lengthy or may be quick and candy—I.e., Tara, age 15, lives together with her father and stepmother, is self-conscious about her top, and has the facility of time journey.

Why write a personality bio?

Writing a radical character bio might help you create dynamic, plausible characters with depth.

Understanding about who your character is, each on and off the web page, could make writing your story simpler. Let’s say your protagonist will get on an elevator with a rival colleague, however you’re unsure easy methods to write the remainder of the scene. Your protagonist’s character bio—which could embody issues like how they really feel about their profession, their insecurities, and the way they’ve realized to deal with battle—might help you write a practical response to that state of affairs.

Whilst you’re writing a personality bio, you might uncover concepts for brand new plotlines or scenes. For instance, you determine that the character has a horrible concern of heights. If that’s the case, you would possibly contemplate placing them on the commentary deck on the high of the Willis Tower on a primary date.

Do you want a bio for each character?

Not essentially. Character bios are most beneficial for main and secondary characters, or those that characteristic prominently within the story and bear some form of change.

In case you’re writing about battle between mother and father and their three kids, you would possibly want bios for all 5 characters. Let’s say a household argument erupts whereas at a elaborate restaurant; you don’t seemingly have to develop a full bio for the waiter who’s left to wash up the meals they’ve thrown at one another (although it may be value it to contemplate what that waiter’s day has been like).

Loads of writers work with out writing backgrounds for his or her characters, although you’d be laborious pressed to seek out one who doesn’t have some info on a personality that doesn’t make the printed web page.

What does a personality bio embody?

Your character bios may be as cursory or detailed as you want. Listed here are factors and questions to contemplate as you write.

Begin with biographical fundamentals:

  • Age or date of start
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • The place they’re from
  • The place they stay
  • What they do for a residing
  • Socioeconomic standing
  • Schooling
  • Faith
  • Bodily description: Are they tall, common, or quick? Have they got dreadlocks all the way down to their waist or a shaved head? What sort of garments do they put on? And so forth.
  • Have they got a household?

In addition to info instantly associated to the story you’re writing:

  • What’s the character’s purpose? What’s the motivation?
  • What are they most afraid of?
  • What are their flaws?
  • What are their strengths?
  • How will they modify by the top of the story?
  • What’s their position within the story?

Inquiries to get a clearer image of what they give the impression of being or sound like:

  • What sort of garments do they put on?
  • What’s their hair coloration and hair type?
  • How do they gown?
  • Have they got any distinguishing bodily traits? For instance, completely straight tooth, a large scar throughout their chest, or blue hair? If that’s the case, why is that this the case and the way does it have an effect on their every day life?
  • What are their mannerisms like?
  • Have they got an accent? How do they really feel about their accent?
  • Have they got distinguishing speech habits? I.e., do they cease and assume earlier than answering a query or do they blurt out their emotions? Does their voice crack after they’re nervous?

Inquiries to uncover emotional and psychological traits:

  • What does your character need out of life?
  • What was their childhood like?
  • What are your character’s relationships like? With their mother and father? With siblings? With prolonged household? With their partner or important different? With associates?
  • What are their romantic relationships like?
  • Are they good at making associates? Why or why not?
  • What varieties of individuals do they gravitate towards?
  • What varieties of individuals do they keep away from?
  • Have they got any pet peeves?
  • Has your character skilled a monumental or traumatic occasion? For instance, abandonment in childhood or the sudden dying of a good friend?
  • How does your character really feel about the best way they give the impression of being?
  • Have they got any insecurities?
  • How do they really feel about their job or profession? In the event that they weren’t doing that, what would they be doing?
  • What’s their political affiliation?
  • What’s their relationship to authority like?
  • How do they take care of battle? With confrontation? With ache? With happiness?
  • Have they got any vices?
  • What disappointments have they skilled? Successes?

Inquiries to discover their tastes:

  • What sort of music do they take heed to? What sort of books do they learn? What sort of films do they watch? And so forth.
  • What sorts of music, books, and films do they not like?
  • What sort of meals do they like?
  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What sorts of issues have they tried and never favored?

How one can write a personality bio

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of making a personality bio, contemplate that it doesn’t need to learn like a standard narrative. It could possibly take any type: a listing of bullet factors, a question-and-answer format, or roughly scribbled notes. No matter helps you get to know your character and hold monitor of the small print.

Start constructing your character bio with the fundamentals: fundamental biographical info and their position within the story. You may then write a complete bio from begin to end, contemplating all of the questions above, or you’ll be able to fill it in as you write your story. For instance, let’s say your character is having a very good day and her father calls—no, her stepfather—and he has dangerous information. As you write this scene, you need to make some notes on her household historical past (you didn’t know till now that she had a stepfather) and the way she offers with stress or battle.

Some writers will “interview” their character and write the solutions within the character’s voice. This may be useful when attempting to determine a personality’s voice and speech patterns or when writing dialogue.

Be happy to tinker with a personality’s biography as you write and edit your story. If a trait not suits with the arc, you don’t need to be married to it. Let your writing course of be fluid and natural.

How one can use a personality bio

There’s no restrict to what you’ll be able to mine from a personality profile, however basically, bios can:

  • Create depth in your characters and storyline: Merely understanding who your characters are and what they’ve skilled off the web page will provide help to introduce plausible reactions and situations.
  • Preserve consistency: You should utilize your bios to trace info as you introduce it into the story and reconcile inconsistencies. For instance, for those who write that your protagonist is shorter than common on web page 5, however on web page ten they attain the highest of a library shelf with no downside, you’ll be able to flag the inconsistency and monitor the correct description in your character bio.
  • Spark new plotlines: When exploring your character’s background, you uncover that, as a toddler, they wished to be a musician, so in your story you determine to introduce a plotline by which they secretly moonlight as a jazz singer beneath a mysterious stage identify.
  • Battle author’s block and remedy issues: In case you’re uncertain the place to take your story, engaged on a personality’s bio might help you get out of a writing rut.

Different methods to discover your characters

  • Take a character take a look at, like this one from 16 Personalities, answering the questions as your character
  • Write a scene from their perspective
  • Draw or describe their home intimately
  • “Interview” your character, answering questions of their voice
  • Write their resume
  • Write just a few journal entries of their voice
  • Ask to shadow somebody who has the identical job or hobbies your character has
  • Go interview somebody with related experiences
  • Go discover their hometown


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