Pre University Education System in India

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In India, there are many options for students who have completed 12th grade.  Some of these options are the Industrial Training Institute, Polytechnic courses, and Pre-University education.

Of these courses, Pre University Colleges is one of the most popular courses. It is known by many names in India like 11th and 12th or junior college.

It is also one of the most crucial phases in a student’s life because it is at this juncture that students have to make a career choice.

Why Is the Pre University Education System in India so Popular?

Pre University Education is a popular choice among students who have completed 10th. The reason is, that the course encompasses a wide range of subjects that allow students to take up higher education after the completion of Pre University.

In other words, Pre University Education is a stepping stone to higher education degrees or professional courses.

Students applying for Pre-University courses have a wide range of choices depending on their field of interest. Generally, Pre University Education System is divided into three main categories:

  • Science
  • Commerce
  • Arts

The courses under these three categories are for a duration of 2 years. Upon completion of these two years, students are eligible to apply for undergraduate degree courses at universities of their choice.

Features of Pre University Education System in India

The course is for a duration of 2 years. Students who have completed 10th grade from a recognized board can apply for admission to Pre University.

The Pre University Board conducts a board exam at the end of the 2nd year of the Pre University education.

Students must compulsorily choose 4 main subjects in the course they wish to take up. Usually, the first language is English while students are given the choice for the 2nd  language.

  • Kannada
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • German
  • Arabic
  • French
Students Can Choose the Combination of Subjects Under Each Stream:
  • History, Economics, Logic, and Political Science
  • H.E. Geography, and P.S.
  • H.E. Geography, and Sociology
  • H.E. Geography, and Optional Kannada
  • H.E. Sociology and P.S.
  • H.E P.S and Psychology
  • H.E. P.S. and Optional Kannada
  • H.E. Logic and Optional Kannada
  • H.E. Sociology and Psychology
  • H.E. Sociology and Optional Kannada
  • H.E. Sociology and Statistics
  • H.E. Optional Kannada and Music
  • H.E. Optional Kannada and Psychology
  • H. Psychology Education I and Education II
  • Economics, Sociology, Logic and Psychology
  • Economics, Logic, Sociology and Statistics
  • E. Sociology, Political Science, Psychology
  • Logic, Psychology, Education I and Education II
  • H. Sociology, Psychology and Optional Kannada
  • H. Education I, Education II and Optional Kannada
  • H. Sociology, Optional Kannada and Music
  • H. Sociology , Education I and Education II
  • H. Economics, Logic, and Sociology
  • H. E. Logic and Geography
  • H. Economics, Business studies and Accountancy
  • E. Geography B.S, A
  • E. B.S. A. and Computer Sciences
  • E. Statistics, B.S. and A.
  • B.S. A. Business Mathematics, Statistics
  • Computer Science, B. S., Statistics, and Accountancy
  • Business Mathematics, Economics, B.S., and Accountancy.
  • P C M B
  • P C M Geology
  • P C M Statistics
  • P C M Home Science
  • Chemistry, Biology, Home Science and Statistics
  • Chemistry, Biology, Home Science, and Computer Science
  • P M E CS
  • P C M CS
  • P-M Statistics, CS
  • P C B CS
  • P C M E
  • P C Biology and Home Science
  • PCE CS

The popularity of the Pre University Education system is that it gives you a wide choice of subject combinations. Students can opt for their choice of subjects depending on what the college offers.

Moreover, Pre-university education allows students to select or reject subjects altogether, unlike in the 10th grade where students are made to attempt all subjects for the board examinations.

For example, if a student does not like Computer Science, the student has the choice of selecting science at Pre University, while dropping Computer science altogether. The student can also pursue the arts or commerce stream.

An important point students must take note of while selecting one of the streams in Pre University education is that a student who has selected science at Pre University can also take up a degree course in commerce or arts after Pre University.

However, a student who takes up commerce or arts, cannot take up a science degree course after 12th. Lately, there is a slight shift in this, where students who have taken up commerce in 12th can opt for certain paramedical certification courses after 12th.

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What Stream Should You Choose After 10th?

Students are at a crossroads of their life after completing their 10th grade. Many students are confused with the course they must proceed with.

While some opt for science, many students opt for commerce and arts. It is best to seek the advice of professionals and elders when it comes to deciding what course you must take up.

Seek the advice of a professional Career counselor on the best options available to you. You can also take up aptitude tests to know what kind of personality you are and what career might suit your personality.

Although these tests are only superficial, you might want to trust your instincts before deciding what you want to take up in the 11th and 12th.

If you are one of the many who are confused regarding what Pre university course you should take up, read through the following to get an idea of what you can possibly select in the Pre University Education.

Are You a Science Student?

If you possess some or all of the following features, you might want to consider taking up science in the 11th and 12th.

  • Curious nature
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Inquisitive nature
Are You a Commerce Student?
  • Aptitude with numbers
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Proficient in calculations and accounting
  • Communication skills
Are You an Arts Student?
  • Imaginative mind
  • Creative thinking
  • Communication skills

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Options After Pre University Education

As mentioned earlier, Pre university education is a stepping stone for undergraduate degree courses. There are innumerable options available to students after 12th.

However, these options largely depend on the stream you have taken up in the 11th and 12th. Basically, the Pre university system of education prepares the young mind with regard to what course he/ she should take up at the undergraduate level.

Students can choose professional courses after 12th. The choice they make after 12th will shape their careers.


Today, there are more options than ever before. Students can take up short-term courses or long-term courses.

With the advancements in technology, numerous courses have been developed over the years, making it possible for students to find their hidden talents and pursue their dreams. Pre University education builds the foundation for professional undergraduate courses.

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