What Are the 5 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Students in 2022?

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Academic integrity is a necessary part of a student’s life because it will be hard for students to succeed in their studies with no academic integrity. From day one, schools, colleges and universities have strict rules and regulations regarding academic integrity.

In literal terms, academic integrity means plagiarism and plagiarism must not be tolerated in any form of writing. So, in recent times, many websites have popped up that offer plagiarism detector tools for students.

But let’s discuss the (five) 5 best plagiarism checker tools for students in 2022. Thus, without wasting any time, let’s go to the list of software for plagiarism.


List of the 5 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for Students in 2022:

1. Turnitin


The first plagiarism software on this list is one of the most popular plagiarism detectors in academic writing. Its name is “Turnitin.”

Although the company has not designed this plagiarism detector for individuals, you can use it for free if your teacher or institute uses it.

In academic writing, when a writer says that his paper is Turnitin passed, people respect that. Such is the integrity of this plagiarism software. This tool is more than a plagiarism checker because it scans the entered paper and provides the following information:

  • Plagiarism score in terms of percentage.
  • Similarity index.
  • Plagiarism report.

Why Should You Choose Turnitin?

  • Turnitin is the most used plagiarism detector in the entire world. So, it is ideal for any academic activity.
  • Like most plagiarism checkers, Turnitin also provides a plagiarism report that provides an in-depth look at your paper.
  • Turnitin’s plagiarism and similarity index are more accurate than other academic plagiarism checkers.

Drawbacks of Using Turnitin:

  • Its scope is not broad outside Academia.
  • This plagiarism detector is not for individual usage. So, if a student wants to run his paper through Turnitin, he will have to contact his instructor or institute.

2. Paper Rater (Plagiarism Checker)


The second tool on this list is the best free plagiarism checker for students because a renowned writing agency backs it. Its name is “Paper Rater (Plagiarism Checker).”

This plagiarism checker software is ideal for checking the authenticity of essays. So, if you can’t access Turnitin for some reason, you should give it a shot.

Speaking of Turnitin, this plagiarism detector is a freemium alternative to Turnitin. Thus, it works by asking different questions to the students regarding their papers. For example, it will ask you about the type of the paper, grade level and several other things before checking its plagiarism.

Apart from the plagiarism checker, this tool has partnered with Grammarly to edit the grammatical and punctuation mistakes. So, when you click on the ‘Advanced Check’ button, it will take you to Grammarly.

Then, it depends on you whether you want to purchase the premium plan or continue with the free-of-cost version of Grammarly.

Now, let’s see the pros and cons of this plagiarism detector to understand it better.

Why Should You Pick Paper Rater as Your Plagiarism Detector?

  • Paper Rater uses data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to check the authenticity of the uploaded content.
  • This tool scans the uploaded content against an extensive database of 10 billion+ documents.
  • It uses the state-of-art grading mechanism to grade your paper.
  • The free version of Paper Rater also provides writing, grammar, and punctuation suggestions, which is ideal for students.
  • Like most plagiarism checkers, this software allows you to enter the text by pasting the copied content or uploading the document file.
  • Paper Rater provides detailed plagiarism stats of the scanned papers.

Downsides of Using Paper Rater (Plagiarism Checker):

  • The free version limits the students to checking five pages (300 words). So, if you want to check longer documents or ads annoy you, you will have to buy its premium plan.

3. Prepostseo.com


The third spot on the (five) 5 best plagiarism checker tools for students in 2022 list belongs to another freeware plagiarism checker. Its name is the “Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo.”

Like the second tool, this freeware tool also uses deep search technology and AI algorithms to scan uploaded content for plagiarism. You can either copy-paste the content or upload the document file from the cloud and local storage for uploading the content.

Once you have uploaded the content, the tool will check for similarities in the content by comparing it with similar web pages. If it finds any similarities, it will highlight the plagiarized passages and provide the users with a plagiarism report.

Users can also download the plagiarism report in PDF formats, making it easier to share the plagiarism progress with clients.

As mentioned earlier, it is a freeware plagiarism tool. So, it allows users to check the plagiarism of 1000-1500 words. However, if you want more detail about its word count and pricing plan, you can check the following table:



Unregistered Users


Registered-Basic Users


Basic-Premium Users


Standard-Premium Users


Company-Premium Users



Now, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this tool to get an honest opinion.

Why Should You Prefer Prepostseo’s Plagiarism Checker?

  • Prepostseo provides a decent set of SEO-related and other tools for free. So, this entire package comes as a proper utility.
  • You can directly upload the files from the cloud or local storage. So, it has got plenty of options.
  • You can use the API of Prepostseo to integrate its plagiarism checking feature on your WordPress site.
  • With the Prepostseo, it will be easier for you to share the plagiarism report with your clients.
  • You can check plagiarism in multiple languages. So, you will not face language barrier issues in this tool.
  • You can integrate the chrome extension of this tool in any chrome-based browser to use its functionalities on the go.
  • You can use the features of Prepostseo on your smartphone by downloading its application from the application store.

Disadvantages of PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker:

  • The premium plan of PrePostSEO is not worth using because there are better alternatives available.
  • Captcha is required

4. Plagiarism Checker X

So far, I have discussed web-based plagiarism detectors. But if you want a desktop application of plagiarism tools, you can try “Plagiarism Checker X.” This tool has made the fourth spot on this list.

This desktop application checks for the duplicated content by comparing the uploaded content with 16 billion open-source web pages over Google and Bing.

Once the tool has completed the plagiarism scan, it will use different color schemes to indicate different percentages of similarities. Then, you can download the plagiarism report in PDF format.

Now, let’s talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this plagiarism detector.

Why Should You Select Plagiarism Checker X?

  • Plagiarism Checker X contains a bulk checker that allows you to check the documents of the entire group with one click.
  • The tool gives the complete detail from where you have copied the content.
  • You can perform a side-by-side comparison in this tool, which will make it easier to determine the differences between two documents.
  • The plagiarism engine is faster than other tools.
  • With Plagiarism Checker X, it is easier to share the plagiarism report with your clients because of its availability in PDF format.

Weaknesses of Using Plagiarism Checker X:

  • This tool provides a different plagiarism score on each check. So, its plagiarism score is not as accurate as other tools.
  • Its free version offers limited features. So, you will have to purchase its premium plan to use it fully.

5. Editpad.org


The last spot on this best plagiarism checker free for students list belongs to a completely free tool. Its name is “Plagiarism Checker from Editpad.org.”

Like most plagiarism detectors, this tool also uses color schemes and percentages to indicate the uploaded content’s plagiarism. Speaking of uploading, you can upload the text from local storage or paste the copied text to check its plagiarism.

Now, let’s see the strengths and weaknesses of this tool to understand it better.

Why Should You Choose Editpad.org’s Plagiarism Checker?

  • Like Prepostseo, this tool also comes as a combination of different valuable tools. So, it provides decent features free of cost.
  • Similarly, it can check plagiarism in multiple languages. So, the language barrier will never be an issue with this tool.
  • Editpad.org gives you the option of pasting the raw text or uploading the document file from local storage.

Problems with Editpad.org’s Plagiarism Checker:

  • Editpad.org restricts the users to check the plagiarism of 1000 words only. So, if you have a long piece of content, this tool will not be a suitable choice.
  • Captcha is required.

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